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When you’re running a business, you can get caught up with everything it takes to protect the business. Making sure you’re taken care of personally often takes a back seat.

We know some elements of financial planning can feel like the elephant in the room. Life insurance, pension plans, inheritance tax. We’re here to provide you with trusted advice, so it never has to feel like a scary afterthought.

Let’s talk about


Step back from the day to day stuff and take off the business owner hat. Spend some time thinking about your goals for yourself and your family.

We’re proud to partner with local legends Mistry & Sons, who are experts in the most important financial planning.

Your Mortgage

Gain access to a range of providers and offload the stress the paperwork

Life insurance

Be reassured your loved ones will be taken care of if you’re no longer able to provide

Pension planning

Secure a comfortable retirement for yourself and your family in line with your business goals

Your estate

Find out the best way to manage your assets now to save your loved ones from an inheritance tax bill in the future


No two people’s circumstances are the same. Getting expert advice on your specific circumstances is vital for seeing your life through the way you want to.

At Golding Accountancy, we’re an honest bunch, and we’re happy to admit we’re not experts in everything! We work directly with Rik at Mistry & Sons, who we trust to take care of you with integrity and professionalism.

“Rik really handled the purchase of my new property with total professionalism and was always on hand to give me advice or some reassuring words!”

– Kevin Cleary, Optio

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