About Us

behind the scenes at Financial Chronicles

We Are Financial Chronicles

Financial chronicles team consists of leaders providing top notch business support ranging from bookkeeping, taxation, auditing services and much more. Our founders hail from top of the line fortune 500 companies, now looking forward to inspire and deliver the same level of excellence and dedication to your business needs.

The driving idea behind Financial Chronicles is to collaborate with our clients at every level, sharing knowledge and providing assistance through our expert remote services champions. 

Our Agile and responsive approach means our team will always be on hand to provide you with the best quality results.

Our founders realized one fact time and again during 20+ years of their combined corporate experience in multiple sectors of business. “The success of a company solely relies on skilled and dedicated people”.

However, today a lot of startups and small to medium sized companies struggle finding and sustaining skilled workforce due to high costs and unavailability of local talent.

Through Financial chronicles our company aims to providing highly skilled remote assistance, thus enabling top quality results for your business at very affordable rates.

A gathering of Elite Service providers

Financial Chronicles has always been passionate about connecting with people and trying to help them with their work overload. Knowing quite well how hard it is for a business owner to carry all the weight and juggling multiple tasks at the same time.

Plenty of business owners try to gather their financials in a hurry to make sure they don’t miss tax filing deadlines. One of the biggest misconceptions is that business owners needs to know the books just for taxes. In fact, knowing how to read your financial statements could lead you to a more prosperous and profitable entity.

Partnering with a bookkeeper is also quite productive. Because they would understand your business needs, someone you could brainstorm ideas and consult with, share your concerns and success. Financial Chronicles can help you do all that and much more while helping you stay in control of your numbers!

When we partner with clients it is a professional commitment from us that brings value to them. Recording transactions, delivering financial reports, providing business insights, increasing profitability, and helping mold budgeting strategies to create a useful system for your business is just the tip of what our experts can provide.

Financial Chronicles Ltd. is a group of Qualified Chartered Accountants (Members) and Business Managers with experience ranging from Big 4 Firms, Engineering, Banking, FMCG, Property Management and IT based multinational companies.

We stop at nothing

Quality is built into our Team’s DNA. There is nothing more pleasing to us, than giving you accurate results on time enabling your success.

More than Just a Job

It’s not just about being an accountant, a tax consultant or bookkeeper or whatever the task may be. 

The Financial Chronicles team is a set of highly motivated professionals whose passion lives within their fields. Hence, they thrive in the challenges that come their way.

End to End Services

For some business owners the fields of accounting, taxation, audit etc. can be a bit overwhelming. 

Our team removes this hassle by providing end to end services, giving you peace of mind. Helping you focus on growing your business.

We Keep It Simple

Our team not only provides you the results but can also help you navigate these, one step at a time. 

Helping you gain insights from complicated reporting problems to simple solutions

we are Stronger Together.

Team Work, Makes the Dream Work.

Just like the above quote we believe that one of the things that makes us stronger than the giants of the industry is the ability to work together.

We specialize in listening and understanding to our client’s needs and then working together to deliver on your business goals.

Accounting bookkeeping, taxation, and property management etc. are quite perplexing to the uninitiated.

Our team of experts work with your team, to first understand the requirements, gain insights and then deliver the required results according your needs.

Let's Get to Work.

if we do it together, we can do it better.